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Virginia Hendren is a vivacious and independent mixed media artist. She works from her art studio on her farm located in sunny Bundaberg Queensland. 

Virginia sells her artworks locally, throughout Australia and worldwide. Her paintings make a wonderful addition to homes, offices and hotels.  Each piece of art that Virginia creates is one of a kind. Her artworks are large and colorful and make a bold statement bringing wall spaces to life.

Virginia creates each piece with love and happiness from the heart. Her expressionalist style of abstract painting, is a continuation of her free spirit and energy that is transferred into each artworks unique design.  Painting for Virginia is a fulfilling creative process involving layers after layer of colored paint applied to the canvas using largely gestural and spontaneous movements. Often, her style of painting, using a free-flowing, unplanned mindset, results in the most beautiful accidental effects creation. Color dominates in Virginia’s artworks, while the rich texture created using an organic non-structured style of paint application, then adds dimension, depth and energy. 

‘The greatest pleasure I get is seeing people look at and fall in love with my artwork. I really enjoy listening to their own interpretation of my art and the different emotions they feel when they view it’